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360 Solution

Step 1


Think of it as your Sales Office for your business. Get at least 50 high quality images to showcase the best of your product, service or establishment. High quality video connects instantly with your audience. This is money well spent as you will use these images and video throughout all your social platforms. Write the best copy. Be concise and informative as this is the basis of your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Step 2


The Copy on your website connects your site with what people are searching for. Make sure that the words on your site and social media (Keywords) links to the words or phrases that customers are searching for. When your copy matches the search - it ranks your page higher than a site who has similar products to you but does not match the words on their site. SEO Links Keywords, Videos, Images and Maps on Search Engines and Social Media Platforms to find your business.

Step 3

Google My Buisness

Is a powerful Google tool that works with Google Maps. It shows up on the right hand side when you search in Google. Your Google My Business profile must have the same quality images as your website. Show your location, opening times & Contact details with a short description of your business. Match the keywords on your site. The Public can post images, rate and review your business on Google My Business as it is an open platform. This is extremely helpful when you want to build trust with your audience.

Step 4

Social Media

Build customer and audience trust through posting interesting content about your product or service. Engage with your potential clients. Get to know what they want or how they are experiencing your product or service. Add value to clients who wants to know more before they purchase from your website. Drive direct traffic to your website with Call to Action Posts. Showcase the authenticity of your business. Create continued interest about your product and service.

Step 5

Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) to advertise your website. You can choose how much you want to spend each month. You can choose the locations you want to advertise in and at what times of the day. The more you spend the wider and more consistent the exposure of your business. Ranks your page higher in Search. Ad a Map or images to your Google Adwords Express.

Step 6

Social Media Advertising

You can Boost certain posts or create ads in Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Widen your reach for potential customers. Create an audience that fits your market profile and advertise directly to them. You can create more than one ad and choose how much you want to spend. Great for competitions or Special Offers.